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3.4.1 Find ideas for writing stories and descriptions
in conversations with others; in books, magazines,
or school textbooks; or on the Internet.
English/Language Arts
After our class determined what the cost of the
t-shirts would be, we wrote about ways that
the student could raise his/her own money to
purchase a shirt.
3.3.4 Determine the theme or author’s message
in fiction and nonfiction text.
The author emphasized that everyone---even
children—can make a difference!
3.2.6 Locate appropriate and significant information
from the text, including problems and solutions.
We identified the problem the young girl was
facing in the story. We discussed how she
solved this problem. We then made a
text-to-world connection to the problem
our community is facing, and what we
(as third graders) could do about it.
3.7.10 Compare ideas and points of view expressed
in broadcast and print media or on the Internet.
We discussed what we had previously read in the
newspaper about how our local pool was in danger
of being closed without sufficient funds.
Social Studies
Fundraiser Ideas