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Save the Summer
3.2.1 Explain that people are citizens of their
community, state, and nation and explain the
importance of good citizenship.
Social Studies
Our 3rd grade social studies series is entitled
“Communities.” This fundraising effort is an
excellent example of how communities come
together. It also teaches the children about
the importance of stewardship and citizenship
in our community.
3.4.7 Illustrate how buyers and sellers interact
to determine the prices of goods and services
in markets.
We realized that we should set the cost of the
t-shirts at an amount that would generate a
profit, yet still be within reach of many consumers.
3.4.4 Define interdependence and give examples
of how people in the local community depend on
each other for goods and services.
The children realize that in order to save our local
pool, individuals of the community need to come
together to keep the pool open.
This includes children!
3.4.1 Give examples from the local community that
illustrate the scarcity of productive resources.
Explain how this scarcity requires people to make
choices and incur opportunity costs.
We discussed how children could raise money to
donate to the pool. One student realized that
thought he was saving money to buy a DS game
system, he might have to wait longer to buy one
so that he could help the pool.
3.2.7 Use a variety of information resources to
gather information about community leaders and
civic issues.
The announcement about the closure of the
pool was in local papers, as well as on the
Indianapolis news. Children were made aware
of the problem that the city faced with lack of
sufficient funding.
Social Studies
Fundraiser Ideas